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We can build highly interactive and responsive web experiences, accessible from any device and any location.

Mobile apps

We can bring your business to the App Store or Google Play ecosystem, and to the homescreen of your stakeholder's favourite device.

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Software architecture

You have some great ideas but need some help with bringing them into reality? Let us draw up the plans!

API development

The web today is highly interconnected. Having an API is key to being able to play along well with the rest of your client's favorite tools.


We can use natural language processing systems such IBM watson to create conversational software to interact with your customers.

Project Management

Doing IT projects can be quite the hassle. We make sure to hide the complexity for you and get the job done.


We make it our mission to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technologies. Over the years of developing our expertise we have grown quite fond of some of these systems. Please have a look at our toolbox:


We are proud to be working with expert developers from around the world to help us build effective IT systems.

Our Customers

We've had the opportunity to work with both SMEs as large enterprises!

Own products

Nebulae has also developed it's own software product.
We are very interested in knowledge management and how to help machines understand information better.
That's why we built Gloow.

Gloow ®

A tool for organising and visualising your information using knowledge graphs.


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