Business Case

The main objective here was on one hand to provide an experience for people plogging in the outside world to see which area's where recently visited by other ploggers and which area's where in most need of a cleanup.

The other question was to create a management tool for local administrators to have both an overview of the current situation, but also to manage their municipality's efforts.


To tackle this challenge we imported OpenStreetMap data to be able to go down to the street segment level. We used a PostgreSQL database powered by PostGIS to handle the Geo Spatial data.

Around this we built a NodeJS based Rest API powered by Express. AWS Cognito was our user management system of choice.

Then we built a mobile application in React Native that allows users to view the map where streets are highlighted using colors to show cleanliness. Once they start the session, the mobile app continuously sends the active ploggers location to our server.

This is where the magic happens, we created a scoring algorithm that uses the users location as input, together with segment specific time parameters and other users activities to give each segment a score representing it's cleanliness.

This way, the map is updated in real-time.


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Our Client Said

Young company with dynamic people who quickly understood what our needs were. Great collaboration and with a result that looks very good.

Alex Callant

Founding Partner

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